Cheats Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 PC

Look for the bear in Arkaden:

  1. Start a multiplayer game in Arkaden
  2. Enter spectator mode and go to the main building. 
  3. Go behind the hamburger counter
  4. Sneak through the kitchen’s window
  5. Look for a stuffed animal.

Once you get the “Harder will be the fall” title, you must eliminate the enemies with the highest scores five times in a row. The easiest way to do this is to let the lowest-ranked people kill you and then go after them.  

Change Your Color Username:

To write your name, press shift + ^ + ay number from 0 – 9. The colors will correspond to a number. 0 is for black; one is for red; two is for green; three is for yellow; four is for blue; five is for dark blue; six is for pink; seven is for orange, eight is for gray, and nine is for dark grey.

To unlock  “Mother of All Bombs,” you must have a 25-kill streak, excluding air attacks. After activating this point streak, you must kill all the enemies on the map. This will cause an effect that deactivates your enemy’s electronic devices, advantages, and equipment for a minute.

The Assault Pack has the following unlockables from killstreaks:

  • Three kills – a UAV radar that will show your enemies
  • Four kills – a care package with two likely rewards: ammo or random streak. 
  • Five kills – SMI that spots and eliminates enemies
  • Six kills – a predator missile whose trajectory you control
  • Seven kills – an attack helicopter for support
  • Nine kills – reaper for remote missiles, AH-6 support for covering fire, and strafing, a burst of five attack helicopters. 
  • Ten kills – an attack drone
  • Twelve kills – Pove Low or AC-130
  • fifteen kills – juggernaut
  • Seventeen kills – Osprey Gunner.
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